ABL   Alliance for Braille Literacy

A young blind owl clutching a closed book, looking eager to learn


The mission of ABL is to ensure that the braille standard used is:

1. robust, comprising a braille system that is suitable for all educational and professional activities that involve reading and writing.

2. supportive for blind students of the common core standards in all subjects in K-12 and post-secondary education for language arts and all scientific disciplines through a single transcription system.


The purpose of ABL is to create a set of best practices and a framework that promotes using braille that facilitates literacy and learning among blind students as effectively as possible. Core goals to accomplish this are:

1.  Promote the use of the Nemeth Uniform Braille System (NUBS) and/or other future codes that facilitate both reading and writing and that are geared both to the general reader and those interested in or who need technical materials;

2. Create training manuals and workshops for readers, transcribers, and for those wishing to work on automated materials production using the “best practices” developed by the Alliance;

3. Build a core library of material using NUBS and other best practices as they become available;

4. Provide timely information and articles to the publications for organizations such as ACB, AER, NBA, NFB, CTEBVI, VAVF, etc;

5. Work to incorporate NUBS in refreshable braille standards, braille production software and braille production/distribution organizations such as Bookshare;

6. Explore viable modifications to NUBS such as the elimination of some contractions that braille readers feel should be omitted.


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