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photo of Abraham Nemeth at 90 years of age

Dr. Abraham Nemeth, creator of NUBS

Having been told his blindness would prevent him from studying math and science, Abraham never the less undertook an advanced degree in mathematics, at first using volunteer readers to narrate the textbook according to his detailed directives as to how to read formulas. The natural next step was to give himself a braille notation by which he could fiddle with and manipulate the formulas, the way all mathematicians do with pencil and paper, and that need led to the Nemeth Code for Math and Science, initially to serve his own needs and later as the enabler for hundreds or even thousands of blind math students to succeed.

Many of the founders of ABL (all current office holders) had the pleasure of personal acquaintance with Abraham Nemeth. His talents were quite compelling to those around him and we miss his wit and wisdom.

During the past ten years as the NUBS specification matured, Joyce Hull worked closely with him to help prepare materials and validate and check the notations and concepts. Her account of his ideas and sayings and principles can be found here (hyperlink coming). Other perspectives on the life and contributions of Dr. Abraham Nemeth are listed below.

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